Mini teen romance reviews

Hello readers!! Somehow over the past 2 months I've managed to read 2 books that revolve around 15 year old romance drama?? Both found on netgalley, and both okay? Of course at the end of the day, not being the targeted audience does have it's affects while reading the book. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy… Continue reading Mini teen romance reviews

How I organize my reading in 2021

Hello readers!! This year I've decided to do one of 2 things: track my reading outside of apps, like goodreads and storygraph, and also reading every day. To accomplish these 2 things I've decided to do have a section dedicated to reading in notion, and also use the last pages of my planner to have… Continue reading How I organize my reading in 2021

Tender Is the Flesh – horror book review

Hello readers!! Welcome back to the corner today I'll be telling you, in the shortest review possible my thoughts about Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica, a horror book following a deadly animal desease leading to extreme measures to continue to consume meat. Content Warningsmiscarriage, 2 scenes of racism, rape, murder, gore Synopsis Working… Continue reading Tender Is the Flesh – horror book review

Fable – pirate themed book review

Hello readers!! Welcome to the first review of the year, I mentioned Fable by Adrienne Young as one of my best read of 2020 and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you all. Before that thank you to Netgalley and Wednesday books for the free copy in exchange for an honest review! Synopsis For… Continue reading Fable – pirate themed book review