My Reading Manifesto

Hello!! I was just wrapping up some studying and couldn't help but hear my blog screaming at me begging me to write something. So I checked my notebook where I keep most of my blog post ideas and well nothing really inspired me. 2 seconds later I hopped onto twitter (not my best idea), scrolling… Continue reading My Reading Manifesto


After You – book review

Hello!! Wow 2 book reviews in the span of a few days? I'm impressed. Anyways, the other day I finished After You by Jojo Moyes. And well...I have a few thoughts on it. Also just a side note: I didn't really take notes, I'm just going based off of some messages I sent to a… Continue reading After You – book review

The Necromancer’s Prison – book review

Hello!! Since posting my reading update I've finished The Necromancer's Prison! In short it's a book about magic, kingdoms, aliens and kidnapping. Before we continue to the book info, I was given a free copy, in exchange for honest review! Synopsis She wanted to find her place in the universe. She never imagined it might… Continue reading The Necromancer’s Prison – book review

Enchantress Underpressure – Book Review

Hello!! I don't even know where to start with this amazing flipping book. So Enchantress Underpressure by A. C. Saphn is the second book in the Arcane Artisans series!! And I was lucky enough to get an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much!! If you haven't read… Continue reading Enchantress Underpressure – Book Review

A Walk to Remember – Book Review

Hi, hello, I'm excited and sad to talk about this book! But anyways, I haven't finished a book in about a month so that's very book blogger of me. Unless you count all the books I've read for uni. Back to what I was talking about, let's talk about cliche Nicholas Sparks books! Synopsis There… Continue reading A Walk to Remember – Book Review