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Hi! I wanted my first post to be one where you could get to know me. Something I didn’t mention in the tag: My name is Ella (short for Antonella) I’m an 18 year old booklover, who’s obsessed with old book smell, walking around bookstores, and coffee. I hope you enjoy this post and many more to come! (found this tag here decided to do a few since my responses are quite long haha)

1. Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog because I’ve always wanted to write book reviews and spread my thoughts on certain topics that float around the book community. I’ve had this dream for years. So, a few months ago, my mom told me I should open a blog, some place where I could talk about books comfortably. And, therefore I started this blog, I hope to meet new people and connect much more with the book community!

2. What are some unique things you can bring to book blogging?

I think something unique I can bring is my crazy theories that sometimes are right, but many times are just funny and outrageous. Also, I love creating different secenarios with the main charecters kind of like an au, but in a way that alters the ending of the book.

3. What are you most excited about this new blog?

I’m excited to meet new people and be able to talk nonstop about one of my biggest passions. I’m also excited about reading reviews of other books that I haven’t heard of or thought would interest me.

4.Why do you love reading?

The obvious answer is it transports me to a different world. It helps me disconnect from the world when I’m not feeling well. Reading about adventures or life lessons that the main charecter goes through makes me feel better. Most of the times when I’m feeling a bit down I’ll grab a favorite book and read a few random pages. I love reading because it connects me to other people. I’ve met some of my best friends through books. Some books have taught me so many things and I’m thankful for that. Furthermore, I love reading because it makes me feel less alone. Some thank music for being their therapy, but I thank books.

5. What books or series got you into reading?

First book I ever fully finished, and reviewed was Matilda. I vividly remember my 4th grade teacher coming in class with a tall stack of pink books for us to read. Of course, the boys didn’t want to have a pink book in their desks. But after a few chapters they didn’t mind.This book inspired me to read, not because I wanted Matilda’s powers, but because I saw how happy they made her, how they transported her from her terrible life to a new life filled with adventures. So, a few days after we finished the book I took out a library card with my mom, and that summer I wentto the library  every week to grab a new book.

6. What questions would you ask your favorite authors?

I would probably ask them what their writing process is like. Its fascinating, some authors like to visually see a timeline, others prefer bullet points, I’ve even seen mind maps. They all have a different process. I would also ask how they felt the first time they showed someone their writing. I used to write more stories when I was a kid, now I sometimes find myself playing out the story in my head, but I’m terrified to show anyone.

7. What kind of books do you like to read?

 I mostly read YA and police/murder mystery books. I like to read the murder mystery ones and then goback and look for any clues that were scattered through the book.


9 thoughts on “Book Blog Newbie Tag”

  1. Welcome to the blogging community! It’s always great to discover a new and fresh voice. I’m excited for more of your content!


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