Reading Slumps

Have you ever had one? If you are unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that you don’t have the motivation to read any books. And sometimes you can kind of feel it coming and you go into this freak mode and try to read short books and just try to just push it away.

Reading slumps aren’t bad because they don’t allow me to review books, and write more blog posts. They’reย bad because I find that reading is like a relaxation or stress relief activity, and well when I can’t have a few minutes to read I go into this constant mind set of guilt, because I’m not reading, and sadness because I can’t seem to get out of the slump.

However, don’t ever feel pressured to force yourself to read because you have a blog, YouTube channel, etc. dedicated to books. I find that force reading is the worst, you don’t enjoy it at all and end up rating books much lower than you actually would.

But if you are looking for tips to get out of a reading slump here are a few that help me:

  • Reading short, I find that once I see that I was able to read a book even if it was a sort novela, it motivates me to jump back into routine and read more books.
  • Do other activities to get your mind off of it. If there’s something I learned with them is that thinking about it constantly isn’t good, it’ll just make it worse.
  • Don’t stress about it, it happens to everyone at least once.

What are some of your tips for reading slumps?


2 thoughts on “Reading Slumps”

  1. Try reading something from a different genre than your usual in a different setting. Example: If you always read fantasy in your bed, try reading a comedy at the park or beach. ๐Ÿ˜Š And reading shorter novellas are a good idea too!

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