Physical vs. E-Book

A small Kindle to the left followed by various young adult books (the selection, I'll give you the sun)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! So, every time I talk about how I do most of my reading on my e-book for some reason I get loads of backlash on it. It’s a bit strange but in some way, I understand it. Here’s the deal, we all know that physical copies are pretty and just better to own, cause you know aesthetic and all that, and everyone talks about how e-books and e-readeres are much more comfortable and portable. But I decided to put both head to head and see which is actually “better”. Disclaimer: I’m not trying to change your opinion nor make you buy one over the other, I’m simply putting both point of views against each other and giving my own opinion. 

Let’s begin with physical books. We all know how great it feels to buy a physical book. The experience of going to the book store and walking up and down the bookshelves. Running your fingers against the spines, admiring the nice covers and finding books which you weren’t aware existed. However, have you noticed how heavy and bulky the are? My shoulders usually hurt loads after a trip to the library or bookstore. My next point is that, you can get many more editions of a physical copy, you can find exclusive cover pages, or maybe even sprayed edges. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can even get your hands on a signed copy.

Now let’s look at the other side of things, e-books or e-readers. Most people have these, and these, just like the former have advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage that I’d like to point out is that the font, sizing and even brightness of the screen is adaptable. I can’t begin to explain how many times I haven’t bought a certain edition of a book because the font was too small. You see, small fonts mean restraining my eyes to read, even in good lighting, and that just gives me a headache over time and makes me not want to continue reading. But with an e-reader you have a range of fonts and sizes to accommodate your preference. On the other hand, it is an expensive investment, but I assure you its worth it. Not only do I use it for recreational reading, but I also carry a few textbooks on it. This brings me to my next point, its stores hundreds of books, I have over 25 books and I still have space for many more! Something to keep in mind that you must charge it, it says that a full charge can last up to 1 month if you read for 30 minutes. But lets me honest, we usually read much more than that. Finally, something I find is super important is that I can buy books that aren’t sold in any bookstore that’s in my country. For example, I didn’t see a physical copy of A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue in any of my bookstores, till 6 or 8 months after it was released. Usually books by John Green or Casandra Claire get here quickly due to popular demand.

All things considered, I couldn’t say that I would always buy books on an e-reader. If I had the chance, and the copy was in my price range, I would 6 out of 10 times buy the physical copy. But, I appreciate and use both ways of reading. I’d love to know what you think on the topic! Would you prefer to buy physical or do you stick to an e-book?


3 thoughts on “Physical vs. E-Book”

  1. Very interesting thoughts on this! I often find myself torn on this topic as well. I have a Kindle Fire, and I used to love it, but now that I have a job where I stare at a computer screen 98% of the day, it feels like that’s what I do whenever I read on my Kindle. I see you have a white paper e-reader? I often wondered if that would be closer to reading a physical book than something on a Kindle Fire where it feels like reading on the computer? If so, I could be more onboard with it. Great post though! 🙂

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