Try A Chapter Tag!

Hi book lovers! It's almost Friday! *does a happy dance* Anyways! If you follow my twitter (which you should if you want mediocre at best tweets click here) you'll see that I was having a lot of issues of picking up another book. And after watching Emmabook's new video, I decided to do the Try… Continue reading Try A Chapter Tag!


How to balance school/work and reading

Hi book lovers! Hope you guys are having a great week! I haven't picked up a book since Saturday so slump is approaching send help. Anyways, today I wanted to talk about how sometimes it's difficult to manage reading and keeping up with school work or working full/part time. Personally, when I'm not on… Continue reading How to balance school/work and reading

Most Anticipated Releases of 2019

Hi everyone! It's been about a week since I posted my last blog post, sorry about that! I got caught up in The Book Thief and I just started watching Outlander on Netflix! Loads of books are coming put this year! After looking at endless lists with new titles for this year, I've made a… Continue reading Most Anticipated Releases of 2019