2019 Resolutions

Happy new years guys! Everyone at the beginning of the year makes resolutions for the new year. Goals that will make them either a better version of them self or to make them feel much more ecstatic about the new year. So here’s my list of resolutions but instead of being the usual go to the gym more often, eat more healthy etc, they’re bookish themed. Comment down below your resolutions!

  • 🌟Read more, I want to surpass my usual 20 ish books this year I’d like to read about 40 books if I can (this is very ambitious for me lol)
  • 🌟Blog all year long! I’d like to post as much as I can but also keep in mind quality over quantity
  • 🌟Explore more genres. I’ve always been a but intimidated with the world building that comes with the novels.
  • 🌟Be more active in the book community. For years I’ve been kind of lurking in the distance, not really commenting or participating. So this year I’d like to be less shy.

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