Shortathon Wrap Up

Welcome to 2019 everyone! Shortathon has officially ended so let me refresh your memory on what my goals were.

I had 10 books on my tbr, now I didn’t really read many books that were on there. Only one of the books that I read was part of my tbr!

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to read all of these short books so I had planned to at least read 2 and start some of the others.

This is what I ended up reading and completing during this readathon!

First book I finished was The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. A story that follows the lives of two teens, one who is an inmigrant, and the other who is half Korean. I started this book hours before the readathon started. I didn’t realize that it was starting that night, but I planned to finish it since it was a short book.

Something I found interesting, was that the author gives us a chapter about side characters. Some of them don’t change the plot and others do. It also has a few chapters where it explains words, or frases used in the book. This helped me with understanding more what the meaning was. However there were a few chapters of these kind that did bore me a bit. Nonetheless, it was a great book that had a good ending with a dash of fairytale happy ever after. 4/5

The second book I read was Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell. It contains two short stories that are around December and the holiday season. Both stories were adorable, as we all know Rainbow Rowell is great at writing cute stories. However I did enjoy the second story better. It felt more natural, and I didn’t expect it to go the way it did. 4/5

After that I read We Were Liars, this book has been on my tbr for months maybe even years! I liked it, it held a certain mystery to it. The dialogue however, was a bit formal, this could be because the characters used more a fancy lingo. Either way, the mystery was great!. I had guessed the ending half way through, but that doesn’t make it a bad book. Definitely go check it out! 3/5 

The last book I read was by a local author! Cuentos de Amor, Locura y Muerte, by Horacio Quirgoa. Ad the title says, its a collection of short stories, all involving love craziness and sometimes death. I had read a few of these stories for a literature class in freshman year of high school, and since then I had wanted to read it completely but hadn’t found the time to pick it up. So I thought it would be a great time to read it. It was a good book, some stories more interesting than other, one that caught my attention was The Feather Pillow. 3/5

What did you read during shortathon?


3 thoughts on “Shortathon Wrap Up”

  1. Congrats! You did so well in shortathon. I didn’t participate but I have read We Were Liars in the past and I agree it’s kind of a hit or miss book for most, I’m glad you still enjoyed it. I’ve also wanted to read The Sun Is Also A Star for the longest time but still hadn’t gotten to it so seeing you’ve enjoyed it just made me more excited. 🙂

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