Hey guys! Hope you’ve had a good week so far. Today I thought I would talk about libraries and how they help book lovers like us!

When I was about 9 I got my first library card that I’d use nonstop, I used to go to the school library but never ended up reading most of the books. So, when my parent signed me up for a card for the public library a few streets away, I was so excited! I would get about a book a week.

Libraries are great in the sense that they save you money. If you’re ever unsure about liking a book or not, your best option is to find it in a library and then decide to buy it or not! And if you can’t find the book you’re looking for, chances are the library can request it for you.

However like all things there are downsides. One of them is that if you’re looking to read a hyped up book, there’s usually a waiting list, especially if it’s just come out. Another point is that, sometimes people don’t take care of the books, they’ll end up damaged, bent etc. Something a friend pointed out to me was that some people don’t take them out because of the germs they might have. This is such a valid point knowing that some few people don’t take care of these books

Nonetheless I really do recommend looking into any libraries near you, and save a few bucks on some books your not sure about. What do you think about libraries? Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Libraries”

  1. I don’t think we have a public library here where I live and that breaks my heart. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers talking about signing up for a library card and how it’s one of the best things in life, but sadly, I don’t have that opportunity. What a shame, really, because seeing as I currently cannot afford to buy all the books I want, a library would have been tremendously helpful. Great post! ❤

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    1. Same thing for me! The public libraries around me are academic books only. There’s a library that’s and hour away and has a small selection of fiction books. Thank so much!

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