Mini teen romance reviews

Hello readers!! Somehow over the past 2 months I’ve managed to read 2 books that revolve around 15 year old romance drama?? Both found on netgalley, and both okay? Of course at the end of the day, not being the targeted audience does have it’s affects while reading the book. Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them, just that I would’ve enjoyed them more if I was…15.

thank you Netgalley, Wednesday Books and Peachtree Publishing Company for the free copy

Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein


Content Warningdomestic violence, absent parent

Set at a boarding school, where the main character is a loner and finally meets a guy who wants to be her friends. Though at first she refuses the friendship things develop further as feelings change.

This was an alright book, nothing that wowed me, but it wasn’t terrible either. I think that the second half was definitely better than the first half. I was slightly put off by the main characters obsession with her teacher, it’s not something that I personally like. On the other hand she does definitely acts like a 15 year old. One that hates parents, and strives to be different from other girls, by listening to old rock and not wearing mae up, which made me laugh a lot. As a result she ends up becoming a loner, someone most people say is a bitch or a jerk, but by the end of it she does actually change and develop into a somewhat nice teenager.

The relationship dynamic was fine, I feel like it was true to most teen relationships, where it starts quick and head over heels, and ends just as hard. Also the ending!! It’s what made me give it 3 stars, I think it fit the story perfectly and I’m glad it wasn’t a fairy tale ending that most people would’ve liked.

You Were Made For Me by Jenna Guillaume


Content Warningfatphobia and meds shaming to background character
36404282. sy475

Katie has never had her first kiss nor a boyfriend, so her and her best friend Libby one night design the perfect boyfriends. The next morning Katie wakes up and finds him, very much real and very much in love with Katie.

It’s simple, fun and at times crazy. It wasn’t bad but the characters were a bit annoying? I guess that could actually be a good thing, means that the characters were written spot on to their age. At times it did feel like they were younger, but at the end they were a good group of friends. Katie is your average teen who thinks that because she hasn’t had her first kiss her life is ruined.

Story wise it’s very easy to follow, the scenes tend to flow pretty quickly. There isn’t much need for going back and rereading portions. I think it’s the perfect read for teens who don’t really like reading, or teens who are just starting to get more interested in reading.

However, the one thing I think the story could’ve gone without was the fat shaming and medication shaming towards a side character. Not by the main characters but by adults surrounding them. I wish the friend group would have intervened more whenever the character received judgement.

Also side note, one of the characters end up coming out as asexual!!! Sadly it isn’t discussed much, maybe a few pages? But the rep is there for anyone who wanted to know πŸ™‚

It’s a fine story for early teens from maybe 13 to 16, it’s fun light hearted with a few emotional topics, overall a pretty enjoyable read. Which in the end the fun jokes and scenes made me give it a 3 star rating

That’s all for today!! Let me know your thoughts about these two in the comments πŸ™‚

Happy reading!!

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